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You can currently visit 24 exhibitions
Railroad Depot in Chomutov Railroad Depot in Chomutov Main Building in Prague The Ore and Coal Mine The Ore and Coal Mine The Development of Mining from the Paleolithic to the Present. Main Building in Prague Intercamera Intercamera Space, colour and otion Main Building in Prague Mining Mining From the Paleolithic era to the present. Main Building in Prague Television Studio Television Studio The Television studio is situated oin the 3rd floor of the National Technical Museum. The exhibition was createdis produced in cooperation with the Czech Television. Main Building in Prague Measurement of time Measurement of time The phenomenon of time from various perspectives. Main Building in Prague Household Appliances Household Appliances Exploring the development of "domestic helpers" Main Building in Prague Printing Printing The journeys of polygraphy from Gutenberg to digital printing. Main Building in Prague Chemistry around us Chemistry around us The aim of the Chemistry around us exposition is to show chemistry in a context of which many of us are not aware. Main Building in Prague History of Contact Lenses History of Contact Lenses Main Building in Prague Metallurgy Metallurgy The exhibition of the history of metallurgy titled Metals – the Path of Civilization presents the technical and historical development of metallurgy, and its relationship with the life of society, influenced most of all by iron. Main Building in Prague Photographic studio Photographic studio The development of photography, its application and influence on society. Main Building in Prague Sugar and Chocolate Sugar and Chocolate Exposition "Sugar and Chocolate". Main Building in Prague Merkur construction set Playroom Merkur construction set Playroom Visit our playroom equipped with the legendary Czech construction set Merkur. You can find it on the second basement level , next to the Mining and Metallurgy exhibitions. Let's play! Main Building in Prague Astronomy Astronomy The exhibition presents astronomy as one of the oldest fields of human knowledge. Astronomy has a long tradition in the Czech lands and maintains a good reputation up to the present day. Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy The story of a visionary: Jan Kaplicky Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy Construction playground Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy Static Play Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy Court of building crafts The Court of Building Crafts is open to visitors during special events such as Craft Days and professional workshops. Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy Exposition of building historical research Main Building in Prague Transportation Transportation In memory of the pioneers on land, water and in the air. Main Building in Prague Architecture, Construction and Design Architecture, Construction and Design A labyrinth of architectural styles Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy Construction Those who know, do not destroy. Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy Medieval construction machinery