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Czech Radio 1923-2023

Czech Radio celebrates a significant anniversary this year. 18 May 2023 marks exactly 100 years since the start of regular radio broadcasting in the Czech Republic, then Czechoslovakia, when the private company Radiojournal began broadcasting from a humble scout tent in Prague's Kbely.

Electric Clock Network exhibition

The National Technical Museum opens the Electric Clock Network exhibition. There are two main reasons why the exhibition was prepared for 2023. This year marks seventy years since the establishment of the Elektročas and a century since the establishment of the Jednotný čas company. The exhibition also deals with clock network as a civilizational phenomenon.

Antonín Viktor Barvitius: modern architect in years of historism


The exhibition in the Small Gallery of the Architecture, Building and Design exhibition was created on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the architect's birth and will provide an overview of his work as a whole. It is the first exhibition dedicated to Antonín Barvitio in more than a hundred years.

The new exhibiton  – Emil Votoček

The new exhibiton  – Emil Votoček commemorates an important figure in Czech chemistry. The professor of experimental inorganic chemistry became one of the leading personalities of the Czech University of Chemistry, from whose chemistry department the University of Chemical-Technological Engineering was founded in 1920.

Why?...Because Karel Loprais – exhibition in NTM

From 1st March the visitors have opportunity to see temporary exhibition called Why?...Because Karel Loprais. Exhibition was originally installed in Museum of Beskydy in Frýdek Místek town, and was meant to be a celebration of Karel Loprais’ s sport successes. Karel Loprais suddenly passed away in 2021 and so the exhibition became a monument for the King of Dakar, as he was nicknamed.


Jawa 750, 1935