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Admission fees and opening hours

Tickets can be purchased at the National Technical Museum box office or online.

Type Single admission
Adult 280 CZK
Children up to the age of 6 Free
Family Admission (max. 2 adults and up to 4 children under 15) 600 CZK
Reduced (students 15 – 26 years old; seniors over 65) 150 CZK

School groups

60 CZK
Children (ages 6 to 15) 60 CZK
Three Full-day Admissions (valid over a 6-month period) 560 CZK
Three Full-day Reduced Admissions 300 CZK
Three Full-day Family Admissions 1200 CZK
Three Full day Children (ages 6 – 15) 120 CZK

Ticket sales stop 30 minutes before the end of the opening hours. The basic ticket is only good for one admission and is valid for entry to all exhibitions – except for the coal and ore mine; it is not valid after leaving the museum.

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