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Museum of Industry

The Ore and Coal Mine

The Development of Mining from the Paleolithic to the Present.

Sugar and Chocolate

Exposition "Sugar and Chocolate".

Chemistry around us

The aim of the Chemistry around us exposition is to show chemistry in a context of which many…

Household Appliances

Exploring the development of "domestic helpers"

Measurement of time

The phenomenon of time from various perspectives.


From the Paleolithic era to the present.


Ing. Jan Palas
Director of the Museum of Industry
220 399 207

Bc. Jaroslav Lett
Curator of the metallurgy collection
220 399 194

Mgr. Lucie Střechová
kurátorka sbírek technika v domácnosti a textilu
220 399 294

Ing. František Vítek
Curator of the mining collection
220 399 214

Mgr. David Hamr
Curator of the clock collection
220 399 295

Ing. Gabriela Kopalová
Curator of the chemistry collection
220 399 149

Ing. Ondřej Stejskal
Curator of the collection of mechanical engineering
220 399 219