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Museum of Architecture and Civil Engineering

The unique collections of material evidence of creative activity in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and industrial design are cared for in the National Technical Museum by its separate organisational unit – the Museum of Architecture and Civil Engineering (MACE).

This working department was created in 2008 from the former Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the NTM, by expanding it to include other activities, including its participation in the preparation of the NTM’s Center for Building Heritage in Plasy. In 2012, the Department of Industrial Design was incorporated into MACE.

MACE consists of a collection part and an archive part, namely: the architecture collection, the civil engineering collection, the industrial design collection and the Architecture and Civil Engineering Archive (ACEA). Each collection is managed by a professional curator, while the ACEA is managed by professional archivists. Until 2022, MACE also managed the NTM’s Center for Building Heritage in Plasy.

As part of the reconstruction of the main building of the National Technical Museum in Letná in the years 2003-2011, a new exhibition of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design was created, which introduces visitors to the development of Czech architecture in the second half of the 19th and 20th centuries through architectural models, historical visual documentation and the installation of impressive period interiors.


PhDr. Martin Ebel, Ph.D.
Director of the Museum of Architecture and Civil Engineering
220 399 270

Mgr. Jiří Hulák
vedoucí oddělení průmyslového designu
220 399 243

Ing. Lukáš Hejný
vedoucí oddělení stavitelství a architektury
220 399 298

Mgr. Jakub Chaloupka
Curator of architecture
373 300 762

PhDr. Martin Šámal
vedoucí Archivu architektury a stavitelství
220 399 180

Robert Vejvoda
220 399 204