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The largest collection of objects within the industrial design collection now includes more than 350 registered items and most likely represents the largest museum collection of industrially produced interior lighting fixtures of all basic types of domestic provenance in the Czech Republic. Some of the important parts of the collection are lighting fixtures from the interwar era with a significant proportion of them being functionalist table lamps and wall lamps from the first half of the 1930s by manufacturers Franta Anýž, Leonard Beitler and others, as well as lighting fixtures produced by the Czechoslovak cooperatives Napako, Drupol, Drukov from the 1950s through the 1970s. Particularly valuable are the prototypes and rare functional mock-ups of lighting fixtures from the estate of Josef Hůrka, a long-time industrial designer of the Napako cooperative. The period after 1989 presents examples of the production of Czech companies from recent years and student designs and visions of lighting fixtures, often awarded in domestic and foreign competitions. The collection also includes a representative piece of world-class foreign designs, especially from Italian producers, including lamps designed by the Czech designer Otakar Diblík during his time at the Italian design studio Bonetto.