The exhibition "PETROF 160 – Piano as a Technical Masterpiece" was created on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the founding of the company, which is one of the leading European manufacturers of acoustic pianos and grand pianos. It is a joint contribution of the National Technical Museum and the PETROF company to this year's Czech Music Year.

The exhibition provides insight into the history and present of this significant Czech company and elucidates the process and technical background of creating instruments whose sound resonates around the world, spreading the good name of Czech craftsmanship. In this ambitiously conceived project, technology, craftsmanship, and design intersect, offering both educational content and opportunities for listening and relaxation. The initiators of the exhibition have set themselves the goal of presenting to the general public a Czech manufacturer of global stature with a long tradition, as well as allowing visitors to peek behind the scenes of the production of these unique instruments, where the human factor occupies a permanent and irreplaceable place, and where the final product depends on watchmaker precision and the collaboration of many specialists.