5th Živa Award ceremony for best Slavic museum took place in National Technical Museum in Prague. This award is granted by Forum of Slavic Cultures – which focuses on nerving Slavic creativity. The main fields that are judged by the Živa award Jury are the general use of resources and space, the ideas and approach of presenting cultural heritage. This year competed 25 museums from 12 Slavic countries. The granting ceremony itself started on 14th Friday in NTM in Prague. One of the awarded museum were also Centre for Building heritage in Plasy which is part of NTM.

The Jury awarded with special recognition CSD NTM in Plasy for Good Use of Resources

The efficient use of resources of building heritage assets, handling of display spaces, and a variety of modern interpretation activities highleightening the methods and principles of civil engineering for their transfer into practice, make this institution one of the country’s leading heritage centres for building and national cultural identity enhancement.

2018 WINNERS :

Main categories

for the Best Slavic Museum:
Emigration Museum in Gdynia
Gdynia, Poland

for the Best Slavic Heritage Site:
Kizhi Museum
Kizhi Island, Russian Federation

Special recognitions

for Leadership:
Viminacium Archological Park
Kostolac, Serbia

for Good use of Resources:
Centre for Building Heritage in Plasy
Plasy, Czech Republic

for Creativity:
Museum of Contemporary Art
Zagreb, Croatia

for Storytelling:
Lidice Memorial
Lidice, Czech Republic

for Attention to Visitors and Openness
Regional Museum of History
Shumen, Bulgaria