The National Technical Museum in cooperation with the TITANIC publishing house has prepared an exhibit titled "Petite Pearls of Czech Architecture", opening November 2nd, 2012 and running through March 31st, 2013. The Chapel of Our Lord's Agony, a village square, a water fountain, a crematorium, an apiary, a defensive medieval tower, a windmill and a small hydro-electric powerplant are all structures that are physically fairly small, but are examples of beautiful architectural craftsmanship, each with its own unique history. This graphically expressive exhibition is based on color photographs by Pavel Frič, supplemented with verses by David Vavra and short vignettes by Jiří T. Kotalík, filled with interesting facts and references. The exhibit brings together little-known places and structures with those much more commonly cited in textbooks.


Twenty-nine such 'pearls' are exhibited in the permanent Architecture and Construction Hall. The authors' intent is to present and bolster these obscure gems, popularize architecture and support its fans in the search for understanding architecture in its wider context – how to view and understand its historical mission, as well as current attempts to stand out. It is the creators' hope that the exhibit and book will become sources of information and pleasure for individuals and families who love jaunts around our country, as well as a source of inspiration on how to look around for lesser-known treasures, and so help people create their own 'string of pearls'.