The exhibition Music in a Spiral uses the museum's electro-technical and media collections to present the development of the gramophone industry in Czech and Moravian territories during the years 1890-2014. The primary focus of the exhibit is on consumer reproduction technology, meaning gramophones and phonographs, of which there are eighty pieces on display. Additionally, there are displays of media development, from the oldest tin film sheets, wax cylinders and shellac disks, through vinyl singles and long-play albums, up through modern digital recording media.

Home phonographs and gramophones, housed in cabinets reflecting the furniture styles of the time, often had quite pleasing forms. Today they are regarded as charming artistic pieces, reflecting the technological capabilities of their designers. The development of gramophones is shown in the form of a time line, using period interior and exterior designs. To assist in creating an authentic atmosphere, contemporary music examples are presented, accompanying the various epochs.