Exhibit in the Cross Hall of the Karolinum

The Philosophical College, Law College and History department of Charles' University have put together an exhibition in cooperation with the National Technical Museum. It commemorates the separation of the Charles-Ferdinand University in 1882, and runs from April 6th to May 15th, 2012. It is located in the Cross Hall of the Karolinum. The exhibit is titled "Paths of philosophy and law, 1882-2012".


Twenty panels present the eight basic themes of the exhibit: separation of the university in 1882, building layouts before and after 1882, buildings used by the colleges before construction of the new buildings and history of both town squares, construction of the actual buildings, their architects and designers, the appearance of the new buildings, notable persons in both colleges, the 20th century in both colleges and a view to the future: quo vadis facultates. The National Technical Museum has selected exemplary items from its rich collection, including building plans and models by Jan Kotěra and Josef Sakař. The Law College is shown in a plaster model of an unbuilt design from 1909 and a model of a post-war building facade, both by Jan Kotěra. The Philosophical college is best shown in a plaster building model by Josef Šakar from 1924-1930, two window traverses and models of two statues by L. J. Kofránek and R. Bříza, representing allegorical figures of archeology and philosophy. Some of these plans and models are on display for the first time ever.