The exhibition is the first retrospective of the work of the academic architect Jan Tatoušek (1929-2021), a remarkable figure from our strong pioneering generation of industrial designers. From his work with a very wide scope, visitors can see, for example, the Jawa UŘ-SST motorcycle (Super sport Tatoušek) called Bizon.

In the mentioned important areas of his design work, Jan Tatoušek was one of the designers who contributed to the aesthetic and user-functional cultivation of Czechoslovak products at a time when our industry was ruled, in his own words, by material poverty with technological need. In addition to art, his heartfelt affairs from his youth were the aforementioned means of transport, most of all motorcycles. Jan Tatoušek, who at the age of sixteen was able to "tame" the American Harley Davidson motorcycle, as a mature man got to the design of a motorcycle, which was given the official designation Jawa UŘ-SST. Three mysterious letters at the end mean "Super Sport Tatoušek". Perhaps none of our and few world designers can boast that the realized engineering product bore his name. This motorcycle, also known as the "Bison", also remained the only one of all of Tatoušek's designs that went into production. The implementation of Velamos bicycle designs and other works encountered obstacles in the time of normalization and transformation.