The new interactive exhibition at the National Technical Museum presents a part of the Czech Innovation Expo project from 2018 dedicated to the history of Czech science and technology. With the help of the latest technologies, visitors can get acquainted with 9 personalities and their inventions or discoveries, such as Otto Wichterl, František Křižík or Josef Sousedík, and 7 selected industrial brands, such as Škoda, Koh-i-noor or Baťa. The pictograms used on the panels of the exhibition are a "small encyclopedia" that combines modern audio-visual art, design and technology.

The exhibition was prepared by the Czech Centers together with partners in 2018, and was installed in many places abroad and in the Czech Republic. It was first opened in Berlin, then celebrated successes in Madrid, Stockholm, Munich, Athens, Rome, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. In Prague, it was presented to the public in the Prague Gallery of Czech Centers, on the campus of universities in Dejvice or at the engineering fair in Brno. The exhibition was nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award for graphic design in 2018.

Introduced personalities:​ Otto Wichterle, Jaroslav Heyrovský, Antonín Holý, Ludvík Očenášek, Viktor Kaplan, Josef Ressel, František Křižík, Josef Sousedík, Armin Delong

Introduced companies:​ Škoda, JAWA, Baťa, Tatra, Zetor, Koh-i-noor, Albatros