Exhibition „Jindřich Waldes. Entrepreneur, Collector, Patron ”, organized by the National Technical Museum in cooperation with the State Regional Archive in Prague, was established on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the death of Jindřich Waldes and on the basis of research into extensive archival material.

This is an exhibition of a smaller but not significant significance, which is the first of the larger outputs of a long-term project of the National Technical Museum and the State Regional Archive in Prague. In thirty panels, visitors will learn about the origins of the Waldes family and the life destinies of Jindřich Waldes, including not only the first work experience, but also a long business career, which unfortunately ends with a sad ending. His rich collecting and patronage activities are also in the light of attention. Of course, it was not possible to omit the extensive collection of works of art by Czech authors that Jindřich Waldes collected during his life or the "Button Museum", which he was involved in, but the aim was to draw attention to other lesser-known aspects of his life.