This exhibition presents the famous products which bore the label "Made in Czechoslovakia". On the opportunity of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovak Republic, we have prepared this exhibition to remind us as well as our visitors from abroad, famous products that were Czechoslovak companies producing from 1918 to 1992. We also present famous personalities without whose genius the products would never have been produced.

About 130 exhibits mainly from our collections are to be seen at the exhibition -as well as prototypes and samples of used materials. Visitors can also feel the atmosphere of the period the product was produced, thanks to examples of advertising materials that were used. Also, the interactive part of the exposition is prepared for more curious visitors and children. In the playroom situated in the exhibition can children try to play with toys that their parents were playing when they were children.

The idea of the exhibition is to present this topic with all what is connected and with all the circumstances.

The exposition itself is meant to be an open space - where the particular displayed objectives shine like the stars on the night sky. Every exhibit is unique and can present itself and the period it belongs to, but connected together they are showing the point - 100 great years of ingenuity and technical and design skills.

Made in Czechoslovakia - the Industry that ruled the World (TV spot)