This exhibition summarizes 160 years of Prague's firefighters. We will show you it's most important moments in fotogaphies, movies, dates and real items.

Fireman's figth with all four elements. Fire is in the exhibition  presented by the famous fires (National Theatre, Exhibition Palace, Palace of Industry, Florenc). Earth and water are the main concern for special forces firefighters - divers, chemists and USAR team. The last element - air - symbolizes the exhibition hanging mannequin climber with the panel, which shows the work of the past and present.

The exhibition is a presentation of fire equipment and vehicles such as limousine Tatra 613-3 , which included the first ever thermal imager , fire trailer TS - AL portable syringe Stratílek PS -8 of the Second World War or fiberglass boat Blesk (Lightning), which was recently launched at water during the floods this year . The big attraction is the fire robot , which has been designed for greater safety fire fighters when in areas at risk of fire explosion. In the display cases Visitors will find many interesting things from chemistry kits to the development of hand-held fire extinguishers.

National Technical Museum exhibition complemented by a horsepowered  fire engines Shand , Mason & Co . made in England , which served the Prague fire department and museum collections donated it to the city of Prague. This is the first Prague steam syringe , which is stamped with the year , 1882.

The accompanying program will also take place on weekends :

Morning 24th  Oct.;  5th, 12th and 19th November - program suitable for schools learn to how to behave during a fire or other emergency .

Saturday : 5th 10th , 19th  October ; 2nd  16th November - Introduction to specialist firefighters : Chemists , divers, climbers and abuse prevention .

Derniere 30th November - Sample rescue people from a crashed vehicle and handover of rescue equipment LUKAS (until then part of the exhibition) unit of the volunteer firefighters from Prage's district Řepy.