The exhibition, organized on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Loose, is intended to recall the personality, work and basic ideas of the work of a prominent architect, whose legacy is still current and inspiring. Although Loos didn´t consider himself an architect, his views, and especially the work, influenced the generation of his contemporaries and followers - architects.

The exhibition presents the pivotal work of the architect with a focus on his realization in the Czech lands, which he puts into the context of his entire work. This context embodies the spatial diagram of Loos' life, thanks to which visitors can easily know when and where individual projects were created. Loos's work and its principles will be presented at the exhibition in the form of 3D models, photographs and audiovisual elements. One of the main goals of the exhibition is to contribute to the renewed perception of the quality of Loos' works by professionals and the general public.


from the exhibition ADOLF LOOS COSMOPOLITAN

opening of exhibition ADOLF LOOS COSMOPOLITAN