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Writing technology

The collection of writing machines consists of almost 400 typewriters from approximately one hundred different brands. The most represented are mass-produced machines of American provenance, as well as German, English (Salter, Lloyd), Czech (Zeta, Consul) products, as well as examples of Swiss, Norwegian and other productions. The collection of writing technologies is complemented by exhibits documenting the production and use of writing instruments, such as pencils, fountain pens and ballpoint pens and several replicas of ancient writing implements. Among the unique objects are the German Westphalia typewriter and the Taurus Type miniature typewriter, which at first glance can be confused with a pocket watch. Among the unique exhibits are also several machines of domestic origin, for example the prototype of the Czech Matouš typewriter, a curious wooden Aerotyp typewriter created by J. Novák and, above all, an original typewriter created by Jindřich Odkolek of which only a single one was made.