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Electroacoustic converters

The collection of microphones documents not only the general development of this field, but also the actual technical equipment of some historically significant companies and institutions. For example, there are a number of microphones that were used in the earliest days of Czechoslovak Radio broadcasting in 1923. (Reisz microphones from the Marconi company, Huth sound booth microphones.)

Several original electrodynamic microphones (Siemens-Halske and Philips microphones for steel tapes and Marconi, Philips and Standard Electric microphones for reel-to-reel) come from around 1930. The period after World War II is mainly represented by Neumann electrostatic microphones.

In addition to some rarities, the collection naturally contains all known types of microphones from a wide range of international and domestic manufacturers. The collection of speakers also gives a good overview of the technology’s development. There are speakers operating on the basis of various well-known principles represented here. One rare item in the collection is, for example, a loudspeaker using the Johnson-Rahbeck effect.