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A History of photographic techniques

The collection contains representative samples of practically all photographic techniques used in practice, including a number of curiosities. A particularly valuable group consists of daguerreotypes, the oldest photographic technique used in practice. A daguerreotype by the inventor J.L.M. Daguerre from 1840 is particularly significant, as is the micro-daguerrotype by F.I. Stašek from 1840, which is the oldest preserved photograph of Czech origin, which is also extremely valuable.

The beginnings of colour photography are documented by Lippmann's photographs and the largest collection of autochromes in the Czech Republic, which were mostly made by Karel Šmirous. An interesting and little-known chapter consists of the so-called three-colour photography. The collection contains examples of all the techniques used for spatial photography, and there is an extensive collection of stereoscopic pairs from the 19th century. The collection of photographs contains important works of various artists, but is not primarily focused on the works of creative photographers. It is intended more as a testament to the development of photographic techniques.