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The equipment and accessories of cinematography

The collection documents the development of film technology after 1895. The oldest period is represented by wooden cameras made by the first manufacturers (Messter, Ernemann, Pathé, Ertel, Debrie). Among the first all-metal cameras from the early twenties, the high-quality products of the Czech designer Josef Šlechta occupy a special place of honour. The advent of films with sound in the 1930s is illustrated by studio cameras enclosed in soundproof boxes. The later period is represented by a number of professional cameras made by Czech and foreign manufactures. Amateur film technology is demonstrated by a collection of amateur cameras and their accessories. It applies to all used film formats. The collection of over one hundred professional cinema projectors from all the world's leading manufacturers is noteworthy. The basic functions of the projectors are demonstrated by the rich collection of projection heads themselves, lamphouses and burners. Studio technology is represented by various light sources and two tabletop models of a film studio. A number of items document the work involved in processing a film in the laboratory and the final finishing work.