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The collection of printing technology was created in two places prior to the Second World War. The older part comes from the collections of the Czech Industrial Museum, founded by Vojtěch Náprstek, in which graphic collections were created from the 1870s onwards; the second part is the original collections of the Technical Museum, which were founded in 1911. Both collections were definitively merged in 1944. The collection is immense. In total, there are almost 2000 registered objects, some of which are still on their own large collections of sets of objects, e.g. prints or printing forms. The basis of the collection is a collection of 200 machines. They are printing machines, finishing machines, for the preparation of the printing form and a small section of office machines. There is also a very extensive collection of printing forms for all techniques, as well as letterpress and printing blocks. Final products are also represented - books, magazines, posters and other kinds of prints. The collection is divided according to the technological process of print production and according to individual printing techniques: printing from height, printing from depth (engraving, heliogravure and a collection of monuments to Karel Václav Klíč), printing from the surface (offset and lithography). Another part is the preparation of the printing form, typesetting and bookbinding finishing work. A representative sample of production machines, auxiliary tools and instruments and final products is represented in each section. There is a unique wooden letterpress from the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries among the items. Other interesting items include the first rotary letterpress press in the Czech lands, a fast letterpress device from 1877 and a comprehensive development series of lithographic machines.