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June 4th – November 30th, 2014 "Our ocean..." Austro-Hungarian wartime navy Exhibition offers a look into the daily life of a sailor during the Great War, both aboard ship and on land. Sea duty or service in shipyards was nothing unusual for Czech recruits. Visitors are able to see for themselves, through a rich selection of photographs of warships, the fascination these colossal military machines held for contemporary central European citizens.
May 22nd, – October 30th, 2014 – Music in a Spiral

The exhibition Music in a Spiral uses the museum's electro-technical and media collections to present the development of the gramophone industry in Czech and Moravian territories during the years 1890-2014. The primary focus of the exhibit is on consumer reproduction technology, meaning gramophones and phonographs, of which there are eighty pieces on display. Additionally, there are displays of media development, from the oldest tin film sheets, wax cylinders and shellac disks, through vinyl singles and long-play albums, up through modern digital recording media.

April 29th, 2014 – October 5th, 2014 – The life of the Broumov churches

The exhibit in the National Technical Museum's small gallery is an exposition of architecture, construction and design. The exhibition showcases the timeless beauty and current state of ten baroque churches in Broumov, and is more than just a documentary. Color photographs by Jan Zališ bring us detailed views of both interiors and exteriors of the structures, built during the relatively short time span of 1709-1743, according to plans by renowned baroque architect and builder Kryštof Dientzhofer and his son, Kilián Ignác Dientzhofer. The exhibition was prepared by the National Technical Museum in cooperation with the civil association Omnium, which cares for and administers the actual churches.