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Santini and his World of Architecture (1723-2023)

"Santini and his World of Architecture (1723-2023)" is dedicated to exceptional baroque architect, author of so called "Baroque gothic whose 300 years anniversary of death is dated on 7th December 2023. 

"PETROF 160 – Piano as a Technical Masterpiece"


The exhibition "PETROF 160 – Piano as a Technical Masterpiece" was created on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the founding of the company, which is one of the most significant European manufacturers of acoustic pianos and grand pianos. It is a joint contribution of the National Technical Museum and the PETROF company to this year's Czech Music Year.

Czech Minds Heal the World

The exhibition will showcase innovative Czech approaches in the fields of veterinary care, pharmacy, surgery, prosthetics, nanotechnology, spa care, as well as in research and information dissemination.


In the Transport Hall of the National Technical Museum, a collection of historical ambulance cars from the property of the Emergency Medical Service of the capital city of Prague will be on display for one year.

Alexius Appl – Focused on Design

The exhibition is a retrospective for the 80th birthday of one of the most remarkable creators of the "second strong generation" of Czech industrial designers, Assoc. Prof. Acad. Sculptor Alexius Appl (1944). Appl's remarkable, multifaceted, and at the same time very consistent work includes an unusually wide range from industrial design of tools, equipment, rail vehicles, and work for the electrical industry, through the design of lighting, interiors, urban and exhibition furniture, to sculptural and occasionally painting creation.

Projection Strip of Émile Reynaud

A small exhibition presents a significant item from the NTM collection, which is registered in the UNESCO Memory of the World International Register.


Jawa 750, 1935