National Technical Museum Prague

Dear visitors,

Due to a governmental regulations, the National Technical Museum is temporarily closed. We are very sorry for this situation and we hope to welcome you again in our exhibitions as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear visitors,

we have launched a new application PHENOMEN JAWA. During the visit of our museum, you can listen to an informed commentary by our curator Arnošt Nezmeškal, who will guide you throught the twenty-five stories of Jawa motorcycles.The application is for free, for download use the links below.

Android:   iOS:
application was developed by GoodShape



4.3.2020 - 28.3.2021 - Next station: Museum of Railway and Electrical Engineering NTM

The National Technical Museum has prepared an exhibition presenting the future Museum of Railway and Electrical Engineering NTM.
The new museum will be opened on the premises of the former locomotive depot at Masaryk Station in Prague in 2028.
The exhibition will acquaint visitors with the architectural study of the museum, the history of the premises and, above all,
the intention and future exhibits of the upcoming exhibitions. NTM.


27.11.2019 - 31.7.2021 Jawa Phenomenon - Jawa, How You Never Seen It

Exhibition of National Technical Museum "Jawa Phenomenon - Jawa - How You Never Seen It reminds its visitors 90 years of production of this famous motorcycle producer, which significantly influenced motorcycle production. We display fifty motorcycles, car, race trophies and driver's equipment mostly from private usually publicly inaccessible collections.