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Static Play

Static Play

The exposition called Static Play was created in cooperation between the National Technical Museum and the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians in Construction (ČKAIT) and shows visitors how the construction of a house works from a static point of view. Translated into the language of smaller visitors, “How does a house stand and not fall down.”

The language of the younger visitors is not usually words and instructions, but images, touches, the opportunity to be active in exploration. These criteria were decisive for the creation of the exhibition, but at the same time, as in the whole museum, space was left for addressing a more professional public. The opportunity to touch different materials and try out basic static principles is complemented by the chance to see old historical plans and models, to learn how and why things are made and work.

For most people, a structural engineer is the person who is called to a damaged building and decides whether or not it should be demolished. That may be true, but the focus of his work is elsewhere. Where, that is what the newly opened exhibition aims to show.

Static Play

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