Mgr. Jiří Hulák

Name and surname: Jiří Hulák
Title: Mgr.
Contact address: National Technical Museum, Kostelní 42, 170 78 Prague 7
Telephone: 220 399 243
Education: 2000
Philosophical faculty University Karlovy in Prague, art history
Experience: 2005
department head of industrial design, National Technical Museum

professional worker of industrial design department, National Technical Museum

Professional specialization: History of design of the 20th century with primary focus on design (form design) of transportation means and design in machining industry in Bohemia

Mapping current domestic design scenes with primary emphasis on transportation means
and current design of transportation means with respect to the historical development of the field


Advanced education:


From 2005 – Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, instruction in history of industrial design


From 2004 – University of West Bohemia, Institute of art and design, professional assistant (instruction in the field of History and Theory of design 1 and 2)