Research Projects

History of Science and Technology (1999–2003, MK0)

Interaction of the national development of technology in the Czech Republic with the world development of the technology and science was treated in social and cultural contexts. The project of the development of technology in the years 1945–1992 was concluded by preparing a publication. The research was focused also on the development of scientific and technical organizations and unions (e.g. Masaryk Academy of Labour, Union of Engineers-Architects, System of Technical Testing, Research structures in the CSSR in the years 1945–1990, etc.). The project was aimed at preparing material for further investigations of white spaces in the development of science and technology in the territory of the Czech Republic and for comparisons of the results with the developments both in the neighbouring countries and in the leading countries in the given field. The research results are utilized in the museum practice and in teaching and popularising the technical and natural science education. Also, the research oriented towards surveying the history of the Czech technology in context of the world development was started.


The Czech Technology in Context of the World Development (2004–2010, MK0)

The overall picture of the development of the Czech technology will be completed with the comparative research of the mutual effects of the Czech and world technologies, as well as of the technologies social applications. The research will show how and in what pace the technologies manifested themselves in the national development, who had merits in their acceptance, and what external conditions promoted (or prevented) their spreading. The research will show how the acquired foreign technologies influenced further domestic technical development. On the other hand, the research should show if and how results of the Czech engineers came in useful in the world. The linkage between technology and science should not be neglected either. The research results should be applied also in educational practice. Research of the activities of technical emigrants from the Czech Lands in the new regions of their engagement in the 20th century should be investigated too.