Research Laboratories

The Research Laboratories are in the stage of preparation.

Staff of the Laboratories collaborate in documentation of the state of degradation of the collection items and in documentation of the historical production technologies; the Laboratories therefore should serve the restoration and conservation research of the National Technical Museum’s funds. When special necessary analytical equipment is missing, the analyses are externally ordered and the results are competently evaluated and interpreted by Laboratories’ staff. The latter collaborate also in presentations of the Museum’s collections, in the Museum’s educational programmes and the Laboratories serve the Museum as a workplace for consulting and teaching in preventive conservation.

As for the analyses of organic materials (varnishes, paintings, organic binders, waxes, resins, polymers, photographic materials, etc.), the place should be specialized enough to be able to carry out research, publish results, and participate both in national and European research projects. The staff will continue in participating in formation of European CEN standards in the field of cultural heritage.

The workplace will be a part of exposition: it will be open regularly to public (after a prior agreement).