This collection was founded by František Fiala in 1910 as part of the geodetic group. He donated to the museum his private collection of 266 maps and atlases. The collection is divided into maps and atlases according to historical and geographic keys. It currently has 7,500 inventory numbers indexing 20,000 map sheets and 417 atlases – astronomical, geographical, economical and historical. The collection includes maps, plans and townscapes from the 15th to the 21st century.
The map collection documents, above all, a map view of Bohemia and Moravia since the 16th century to present, changes in borders and the administrative division of the country. The oldest exhibits include a map of Bohemia by Sebastian Munster (a copy of the map by Klaudyan from 1518). The collection also features maps by Czech Johann Criginger (1568), Pavel Aretin and Petr Kaerius from the early 17th century. Rarities include a map of Bohemia in the shape of a rose by Christoph Vetter (1677). The collection also includes the oldest maps of Moravia by Pavel Fabricius and Jan Amos Comenius.
Imperial military engineer and cartographer Jan Kryštof Müller created similar cartographic works of Moravia (1716) and Bohemia (1720) that are also part of the map collection. The first vertical survey maps by Karel Kořistka and maps of the administrative division of Bohemian by F. Kreibich come from the 19th century. 20th-century cartography is represented by the collection of maps from the peace treaty negotiations in Paris (1918–1920) and the basic map of the Czech Republic.


Bohemia Rosa, Kryštof Vetter, 1668 Regni Bohemiae Tabula, J. A. Pfeffel a C. Engelbrecht, 1700, Vídeň Mappa Geographica Regni Bohemiae, Johann Christoph Müller, 1720 Mappa Geographica Regni Bohemiae, Johann Christoph Müller, 1720 Praga, M. Seutter, 1. polovina 18. století, Augsburg (Německo)






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