Care for the Collections

oddělení restaurování papíru

One of the museum’s main tasks is to store and preserve in the best way possible the state of the collection. Comprehensive care for the collection objects is provided for by the department of the head conservator.

This department was created with the gradual development of the multilateral care for the collection. Restorer workshops in recent years have grown and been divided according to specific activities. In 2004, a specialised department named Drying Frozen Archive Documents was formed in response to the need to rectify the extensive damage inflicted by the flood in 2002 on the NTM’s archive documents. A studio for restoring paper was logically built in connection to the drying out process. At present the department of the head conservator is compose of the paper restoration department, which includes the drying stations, as well as of restorer workshops, the department of preventative conservation and the Čelákovice department of depository workers. The work of these departments helps in fully caring for the entire range of collection objects, including their quality storing.

Care for the collections also consists of the quality and thorough recording of the objects. The central records department is in charge of these activities. This department provides for a thorough check of the description of all collection objects, revision, inventor and contact with the Czech Ministry of Culture as part of the recording of collections in CES. All agendas linked to loaned objects and the approval of exporting objects abroad also go through this department.