The Electrotechnical and Media Museum (MEM) was formed from within the National Technical Museum by an organizational change on February 1st, 2012 (# NTM 1317/2011 from January 1st, 2012). Based on this change, selected museum departments were combined under one division. These were the departments of electrotechnology, information and acoustics; departments of photography and film technology; department of polygraphy.

This division currently cares for the greatest part of the collections of the National Technical Museum (the most voluminous collections are those of the electrotechnical, informational, acoustical, photographic and film departments). Among the new permanent exhibits of the National Technical Museum, the MEM is responsible for the Printing and Photography Studio. By mid-year of 2013, we plan to add another section dealing with photographic techniques, under the current working title of Space, Color, Movement.