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Prague Museum Night 2012


Exhibition tours student in Bethlehem SPSS NTM v NTM

Technical Rally student SPSS Bethlehem


Make your your Stirling engine - Finals 2012



The Enter educational project – May 2011
The National Technical Museum (NTM) became in early 2006 the recipient of a JPD3 grant as part of measures 3.1. The over two-year project was co-financed by the European Social Fund, by the state budget of the Czech Republic and by the budget of the city of Prague. The project’s objective was to create in conjunction with schools a new NTM interactive educative project geared toward physics for the 2nd level of basic schools and to thereby become involved in the process of changes in education – to support the principles of the newly approved General Education Plan for Basic Education. This project has been successfully carried out at the NTM for the past five years.


Make your own Stirling engine – May 2011
The “Build your own Stirling Engine” competition finale took place on 5 May 2011 at the National Technical Museum.




Visitors’ Day – December 2010
On Wednesday, 29 December 2010 from 10 am to 6 pm the National Technical Museum opened to the public the newly completed transportation hall with the new exhibition of transportation history.




New depository hall in Čelákovice – July 2009
The National Technical Museum continues in the construction of new depository buildings on its premises in Čelákovice. Following hall no. 1, completed in 2005 and awarded with the Gloria Musaealis 2006 prize, hall no. 2 was completed this past June. On Thursday, 9 July the hall was ceremoniously opened with top representatives of the museum and Czech Ministry of Culture in attendance.

The Birth of a miracle – February 2009
On 12 February 2009 the Information and Cultural Center was ceremoniously opened at Nostic Palace – the seat of the Ministry of Culture. This new cultural centre came under the administration of the National Technical Museum, which in conjunction with the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague arranged for this important event the opening of the exhibition entitled The Birth of a Miracle.




The journey of the Brussels fountain – November 2008
The restored interior fountain originally created for the glass exhibition of the Czechoslovak pavilion at Expo 58 in Brussels was installed on the National Technical Museum’s third floor in a public space. The restoration work took place from July till November 2008.

Golden wings of the NTM – November 2008
The difficult repairs of the historical C-104 Bücker-Jungmann biplane from the National Technical Museum’s collection took eight years. The plane was returned to flight-certified status so that it could be legally flown. It was introduced to the professional public on 25 November 2008.

A hundred years of the NTM – October 2008
A ceremonial evening was held on October 1st at the National Technical Museum on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the museum’s establishment. Premier Mirek Topolánek and Culture Minister Václav Jehliček were on hand for the ceremony.

Press conference on the 100th anniversay of the NTM – October 2008
A press conference on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of NTM. Here is a review clip of the press conference.
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Final arrangement of railway vehicles in Transportation Hall – August 2008
The final arrangement in August of railway vehicles after taking some of the previously exhibited objects to the depository. The preparation of the new form of the transportation exhibit moved forward.
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Railway switch from 1888 – July 2008
Employees of the NTM’s Railway Museum acquired for the collection the oldest working railway switch with a pedal lock in the Czech Republic. The railway switch was built in 1888 in Vítkovice; in 1901 it was restored at the Škoda automobile plant in Plzeň. It ended its service on a train in Slaný 100 hundred years after being built.
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Komarek in good company – June 2008
On 14 and 15 June 2008 the 160th anniversary of the steam train in Slovakia was celebrated. A congregation of historical trains was held on the occasion of the anniversary of the arrival of the first steam train to Slovakia in 1848. On display were a number of historical steam railcars, including the first Komarek steam vehicle from the NTM’s collection.
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NTM’s new acquisition – June 2008
A CDv 13 railcar from the first fifteen-piece series of a total of fifty pieces was preserve a recreation cottage in Dolní Štěpanice in the Krkonoše Mountains. It was created at the Tatra factory in Kopřivnice in 1928. The railcars had a very light construction. They were joined to railcars at that time that only had a low-power gas engines. This acquisition is an important chapter in the history of Czech railways – the motorization of Czechoslovak Railways between the wars. Eighty percent of the railcar’s interior has been preserved in its authentic state.
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Komarek goes to Bratislava – June 2008
A congregation of historical trains was held on the occasion of the anniversary of the arrival of the first steam train to Slovakia in 1848. The Komarek steam railcar that was transported to Bratislava on a trailer represented the NTM’s collections.
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Prague Museum Night at the NTM – June 2008
The National Technical Museum in 2008 took part in the Prague Museum with events organized outside due to the ongoing reconstruction of its building. There was still plenty to see.
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Presentation of the commemorative coin and postage stamps in celebration of the NTM’s 100th anniversary – June 2008
Footage from the launch of the special edition of postal stamps and commemorative silver two crown piece that were issued upon the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the NTM’s establishment. The event was held on 19 July 2008 at Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. A number of the museum’s partners and special guests joined employees for this commemorative event.
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Parlour railcar of František Ferdinand d´Este leaves the NTM’s Transportation Hall – April 2008
An old-fashioned railcar left the NTM’s building on Letná after decades there and was transported to the depository in Chomutov.
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Welcome home, Spitfire – March 2008
Following its transport from Kbely in Prague, the Vickers Supermarine Spitfire L.F.IX E fighter aircraft was re-assembled and ceremoniously welcomed back home.
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Moving the Spitfire – February 2008
Moving the Vickers Supermarine Spitfire L.F.IX E jet from the Aviation Museum in Kbely, where it was on long-term loan, back to the NTM. The jet was built in 1944 and became part of the NTM collection on 22. 5. 1950. 6,166 kB, Real Player (*.rmvb)

Large-format Kristián camera – February 2008
In February 2008 the NTM acquired for its collection a large-format camera that had been used by the Land Registry Office in Plzeň.


Rok 2007


Heavyweight – Bergmann engine – December 2007
Acquisition of a Bergmann Wien engine at the Chomutov Pipe Mills. The engine powered a roller group at the Chomutov Pipe Mills (since 1887 until the nationalisation of Mannesmann). It was installed in ca. 1904 and was in use until it was shut down in 2000.

Moving of a 310-series locomotive – November 2007
The 310-series locomotive is the last railcar to leave the NTM’s Transportation Hall and is taken to the depository. The footage shows its moving from the NTM’s Letná building and night transport by trailer from Prague to Chomutov.
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Transport of Donnensberg locomotive to depo in Chomutov – September 2007
The Donnensberg locomotive was loaded on a trailer and moved at night via trailer from the Transportation Hall in Prague to Chomutov. In Chomutov was moved on its own axle to the depo that currently serves the NTM’s Railway Museum.
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Turning the tender and connecting with the locomotive – September 2007
The tender from the Donnensberg locomotive had to be turned following the move from the Transportation Hall and reconnected with the locomotive.
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Moving the Donnensberg locomotive – September 2007
The Donnensberg locomotive was moved from the Transportation Hall after several decades there.
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Disassembly of steam pipe – září 2007
The steam pipe was disassembled using a crane to prepare the Donnensberg locomotive for transport.
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Transport of railway exhibit objects to Chomutov – September 2007
Two exhibit objects, a Brotan steam boiler and steam-powered tram were moved to the Chomutov depository of the NTM’s Railway museum.
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Loading the Brotan boiler and steam-engine tram on the trailer – September 2007
Two exhibit objects, a Brotan steam boiler and steam-powered tram, were moved out of the Transportation Hall and loaded on a special trailer designed for transporting railcars on the road.
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Moving the steam-engine tram – September 2007
In September 2007 another of the railway exhibit objects – a steam-powered tram was moved from the Transportation Hall. The video captures the handling of the object before it is loaded on the trailer.
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Moving of Brotan boiler – September 2007
In September 2007, one of the large exhibit objects, the Brotan boiler, part of locomotive 331.046., was moved from the Transportation Hall. The video captures the handling of the boiler before it is loaded on the trailer.
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Moving of Brotan boiler – September 2007
In September 2007, one of the large exhibit objects, the Brotan boiler, part of locomotive 331.046., was moved from the Transportation Hall. Fire-fighters of Czech Railways helped move the boiler with the use of heavy equipment. The video captures the movement of the boiler from its station to the Transportation Hall’s door.
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Moving in the Transportation Hall – January 2007
Old-fashioned cars are moved from their usual places in the Transportation Hall. The Transportation Hall will have a new appearance when the museum re-opens and the old-fashioned cars will once again occupy an important place in the museum’s largest exhibit.
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Rok 2006


Assembly of visitors elevator – December 2006
The outdated visitors elevator in the central part of the building is replaced with a pair of new, state-of-the-art elevators.
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Renovations to internal stairways – November 2006
Years later both internal stairways once again serve all of the building’s floors just as they were planned decades ago by the architect Babuška.
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Reconstruction of the vestibule – November 2006
Just two months ago visitors were streaming through these places. Now it’s the scene of ongoing demolition work.
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Pouring the floor – November 2006
In the D and E section of the building’s third floor work was carried out in pouring the floor, which will then be covered by a floor covering. These places will hold the offices of museum curators and other experts.
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Finishing work – October 2006
Ve třetím patře budovy muzea již probíhají dokončovací práce. Jiné části budovy však na zahájení rekonstrukčních prací stále ještě čekají.
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Repairs to the entrace stairs – September 2006
Over the past decades, millions of visitors have used the stairs that enter to the NTM. The stairs, worn down by the march of time, were demolished and a new machine room for climate control will be created in the construction pit. A reconstructed stone stairway will then cover it in the months to follow.
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Moving a diesel engine – September 2006
This diesel motor had previously dominated the vestibule for many years. But now space needed to be made for construction workers and so it was necessary to disassemble the engine and move it to the depository.
2,451 kB, Windows Media Video (*.wmv)

Round and round the merry-go-round – September 2006
More than CZK 22,000 was collected for the reconstruction of the merry-go-round. More on the merry-go-round.
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The last day in the old museum – September 2006
On 10 September 2006 the doors of the NTM opened for the last time before it was to be closed for reconstruction purposes. Press information.
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Moving the astronomy exhibit – July 2006
The spaces of the hitherto astronomy exhibit await a major transformation. Before beginning the demolition work, all the exhibit objects were moved to the safety of a depository. The new astronomy exhibit will offer not only more space, but also a more appropriate setting for the beautiful exhibit objects and their admirers.
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Prague Museum Night – June 2006
On Saturday, 17 June 2006 the traditional Prague Museum Night was held.
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Komarek in the Czech Railways Museum – May 2006
The restored Komarek steam-power railcar was exhibited at Lužná near Rakovník.
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Komarek steam-powered railcar – May 2006
The historical Komarket steam-powered railcar from the NTM’s collection was painstakingly restored. Press release, pictures.
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Cathode ray tubes – April 2006
A demonstration of the operation of cathode-ray tubes from the NTM’s depository.
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New depository – April 2006
The National Technical Museum ceremoniously began operation of the new state-of-the-art depository hall.
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New central heating exchanger – April 2006
Although the central heating exchanger isn’t part of the publicly accessible part of the building, it has to work in the winter for people to be comfortable. The new technology features an automatic setting.

Tatra 700 – February 2006
The National Technical Museum received for its collection the last type of Tatra automobile.
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Rok 2005


PB-3 Praha Glider – September 2005
The PB-3 Praha glider was brought down from its suspended position in the Transportation Hall and taken away to be restored.
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Jawa 750 – June 2005
After several years we were able to restore this unique automobile from the NTM’s collections.
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The steam-powered Komarek railcar – May 2005
The railcar, weighing 22 tons, was moved from the Transportation Hall and taken away to be renovated.
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Všudybylka steam-powered locomotive – March 2005
On 5 March 2005, the Všudybylka locomotive set out by itself on a final trip before its renovations.
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