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From 1st March the visitors have opportunity to see temporary exhibition called Why?...Because Karel Loprais. Exhibition was originally installed in Museum of Beskydy in Frýdek Místek town, and was meant to be a celebration of Karel Loprais’ s sport successes. Karel Loprais suddenly passed away in 2021 and so the exhibition became a monument for the King of Dakar, as he was nicknamed.

Second seasson of The Letná Carousel presentation starts on 6th April 2023. Using the link you may find detail using the link

First exhibition focused on work of architects in the field of technical design, expressing the importance of possessing architectural knowledge in founding and developing industrial design field of study as an independent interdisciplinary discipline. A significant part of the exposition is  the first retrospective presentation of Jiří Kočandrle's work (1941).

First retrospective exhibition dedicated to rare pair of together working designers in 60s and early 70s of 20th century. Bohumil Míra and Milan Míšek for example developed impressive creative production for TESLA company.

On the occasion of the anniversary of important days, we invite you to visit the National Technical Museum for reduced admision fee. The discount on the entrance fee does not apply to the mine exhibition tour. Full price: 80 CZK, Children - 6 → 15 year-old: 40 CZK.

Days with reduced admission fee can be found here. 

The theme of the exhibition of the National Technical Museum, which was created in cooperation with the town of Ostrov and the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague, is porcelain made in the Pfeiffer und Löwenstein Schlackenwerth (PULS) porcelain factory and its owners. There is a large number of beautiful products on display, such as Doris-shaped terrine, which was awarded at an exhibition in Paris in 1925, CALAIS-shaped coffee and tea services and small sculptures.

According to scheduled technical update of the Interkamera exposition. The exposition will be unavailable from 17th February to 24th (from Friday to Friday). Thank you for understanding.

Exposition "Sugar and Chocolate"

This pemanent exhibition of the NTM is devoted to the Czech Sugar Production Industry. Sugar was very strategical resorce for Czechoslovkia and its prudction also had a political influence which is the reason the sugar was called - the White Gold". Also, tycoons in sugar production industry funded the Foundation of NTM in 1908.