Welcome to the website of the National Technical Museum in Prague(see history of the museum), established in 1908. For over a hundred years extensive collections have been assembled here documenting the development of many technical fields of the natural and exact sciences, and of industry in the territory of today’s Czech Republic. You can see the most interesting and, in many cases, rare and unique exhibits of our collections in the Museum’s permanent and short-term exhibits. Those interested in more thorough knowledge of history of technology in its broader contexts have an access to the vast library and archive of history of technology and industry at their disposal. The Department of Museum Pedagogy prepares illustrative and interactive educational programmes (ENTER) for elementary and secondary schools, as well as for visitor groups if they provide notification of interest in an advance. The National Technical Museum also has its own research centre with its own publication and educational activities concerning the history of the sciences and technology.

In February 2011, after long renovation process (2003 – 2011) the first part of the permanent exhibits were opened. In October 2013 the renovation of the National Technical Museum was completed. The museum now presents centuries of ingeniousness in 14 permanent expositions: TRANSPORTATION, ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN, ASTRONOMY, PRINTINGPHOTO STUDIO, MERKUR PLAYROOM, HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES, MINING, METALLURGY,  and MEASUREMENT OF TIME