Exhibitions in NTM

Exhibition of National Technical Museum "Jawa Phenomenon - Jawa - How You Never Seen It reminds its visitors 90 years of production of this famous motorcycle producer, which significantly influenced motorcycle production. We display fifty motorcycles, car, race trophies and driver's equipment mostly from private usually publicly inaccessible collections.


The National Technical Museum has prepared an exhibition presenting the future Museum of Railway and Electrical Engineering NTM.
The new museum will be opened on the premises of the former locomotive depot at Masaryk Station in Prague in 2028.
The exhibition will acquaint visitors with the architectural study of the museum, the history of the premises and, above all,
the intention and future exhibits of the upcoming exhibitions. NTM.


The exhibition is organized by NTM on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Petr Tučný (1920–2012), a leading figure in Czechoslovak industrial design. Tučný's authorial work and pedagogical activities also exceed the boundaries of the domestic design scene. In his designs of tools and instruments, he based on the latest findings in neurophysiology and aesthetics. Subsequently, he developed a remarkable design activity in the field of vehicle development and collaborated with many domestic manufacturers. The exhibits are selected from the extensive estate of prof. Tučný, promised as a family gift to the NTM industrial design collection.

The exhibition, organized on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Loose, is intended to recall the personality, work and basic ideas of the work of a prominent architect, whose legacy is still current and inspiring. Although Loos didn´t consider himself an architect, his views, and especially the work, influenced the generation of his contemporaries and followers - architects.