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The National Technical Museum has prepared an exhibition presenting the future Museum of Railway and Electrical Engineering NTM.
The new museum will be opened on the premises of the former locomotive depot at Masaryk Station in Prague in 2028.
The exhibition will acquaint visitors with the architectural study of the museum, the history of the premises and, above all,
the intention and future exhibits of the upcoming exhibitions. NTM.


The exhibition will take you through the history of interwar Czechoslovak motor sport and show its significance in the life of Czechoslovak society. A total of twenty-four cars with an interwar sports history are exhibited in an attractive installation evoking the period environment. Seven cars are from the collection of the National Technical Museum, two are borrowed from the collection of the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav and the rest come from private collections. The cars at the exhibition are complemented by more than seventy sports memorabilia. These are mainly prizes and trophies from domestic and foreign car races and competitions, including sculptures by Ladislav Šaloun and Otakar Švec.

The National Technical Museum, in cooperation with FOMA BOHEMIA, has prepared a retrospective exhibition of FOMA on the occasion of the centenary. The exhibition maps the history of this purely Czech company and from the rich history of product types presents typical examples of their original design in an interesting stylistic confrontation, but also production equipment (film perforating machine), laboratory aids, etc.

Exhibition „Jindřich Waldes. Entrepreneur, Collector, Patron ”, organized by the National Technical Museum in cooperation with the State Regional Archive in Prague, was established on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the death of Jindřich Waldes and on the basis of research into extensive archival material. For the first time, he presents the personality of Jindřich Waldes and the history of his company in a comprehensive picture.

The exhibition entitled "How the world is measured" presents historical and contemporary binoculars, theodolites, naval sextants, mapping aids and GPS navigation stations. Among the 200 presented objects are several unique things: the sextant of Jost Bürgi and the theodolite of Heinrich Stolle from the time of Rudolf II., The mirror sextant from the property of Napoleon I or our most important astronomical-geodetic instrument of the 20th century - the circumzenital.

The exhibition is the first retrospective of the work of the academic architect Jan Tatoušek (1929-2021), a remarkable figure from our strong pioneering generation of industrial designers. From his work with a very wide scope, visitors can see, for example, the Jawa UŘ-SST motorcycle (Super sport Tatoušek) called Bizon or a set of original designs of dashboards and dashboards for PAL Kbely from the late fifties and the first half of the sixties.

The architecture and civil engineering archive of the National Technical Museum in Prague manages the most extensive personal resource of the distinguished architect and stage designer Bedřich Feuerstein (1892–1936). This unique collection is now presented to the public in all its diversity at the narrative monographic exhibition Bedřich Feuerstein, architect : Prague–Paris–Tokyo. Watch the spot for the exhibition.





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