Museum of public transportation in Prague – Střešovice

Historické a pracovní vozy ve třetí lodi střešovické vozovny

Among the technical museums on Prague, there is the MHD museum, opened in 1993 in the protected heritage transportation depot building in Střešovice. This depot belongs among the oldest industrial structures of its type. It was built in 1909 for the needs of the contemporary Electric Company of the Royal Main City of Prague. It served its original purpose until 1992, when it was adapted for museum purposes. Its favorable position, only about a kilometer from the National Technical Museum via a direct tram line makes it easy for guests to visit both object in a single day.

The permanent exposition of the Střešovice museum contains over forty vehicles for both rail and road transportation, and various specialized devices, along with models of vehicles and entire transportation systems which have not survived. There are also period photographs, tickets, plans, drawings and other archival documents. The railroad museum of the National Technical Museum loaned Střešovice a number of objects which do a great job of supplementing the exposition, primarily the undercarriage of motor-train #7, manufactured by the F. Ringhoffer company for Křižík's electric train line "Prague – Libeň – Vysočany" of 1896 and a dual wheel set from the original funicular on Petřín from 1891.
Currently, the MHD museum is part of the so-called Unit of Historical Vehicles (JHV) of the public transportation department of the main city of Prague. This department is also tasked with operation, maintenance and repair of all its historical vehicles, some of which you may see during the tourist season operating in Prague's streets (tram line #91).

Public transportation department of the main city of Prague, a. s.
Muzeum městské hromadné dopravy v Praze
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celkový pohled do expozice tramvají v Muzeu MHD v Praze předměty ze sbírky ŽM NTM v úvodní části expozice model koněspřežného montovního vozu ze sbírek ŽM NTM