Basic information

1. Identification

  • Archive identifier: 630000060
  • Archive name: Archive of the National Technical Museum
  • Historical names of the archive: Archive for the history of industry, trade and technical work in the ČSR, Archive for the history of technology and industry NTM
  • Type of archive: specialized archive

2. Contact information

  • Archive address: Archiv NTM, Kostelní 42, Praha 7, 170 78.
  • Telephone: 220 399 196 (department head PhDr. Zdeněk Vácha)
  • URL:
  • People: NTM Archive department head: PhDr. Zdeněk Vácha – tel. 220 399 196, e-mail; documentation service and pre-archive care: PhDr. Zdeněk Vácha – tel. 220 339 196, e-mail

3. Description

  • Sources of the archive's authority: Archiving law # 499/2004 Sb., also addressing documentation service, and changes in some laws regarding subsequent regulations; edict 191/2009 Sb., regarding duties of documentation services; edict # 645/2004 Sb., which concerns the establishment of laws regarding archives and documentation services and changes in some laws regarding subsequent regulations. Internal guidelines: Organizational order NTM, Organizacional order of the Archive for the history of technology and industry NTM>.
  • Administrative structure: the NTM archive is integrated into the division of science and research, which is headed by the assistant to the General Director for collection augmentation activity. The Archive is not further subdivided into smaller departments.
  • Documentation services and acquisition politics: the NTM Archive obtains archival material primarily through purchases or donations; the process of evaluating and selecting takes place mostly outside the realm of shredding procedures. The emphasis is on documentation concerning the development of science and technology in all areas, including that regarding the lives, works and testaments of significant personalities, not only of (territorial) Czech origin. As concerns shredding procedures, the archive obtains material from its parent institution - the National Technical Museum.
  • Archival documents: see here>. Download a list here>.
  • Guide to the funds and collections: does not yet exist.
  • Informational system: under development.

4. Accessibility

  • The study is open Tuesday - Wednesday 9:00 - 17:00
  • Dates of study closure: The study is closed on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and state holidays.
  • Accessibility/travel directions: The Archive is accessible from metro line A, station "Hradčanská", tram 1, 15 and 26, stop "Letenské náměstí"; from metro line B, station "Náměstí Republiky", tram 26, stop "Letenské náměstí"; from metro line C, station "Vltavská", tram 1 and 25, stop "Letenské náměstí"; from metro line C, station " Nádraží Holešovice", tram 15, stop "Letenské náměstí";
  • GPS: 50°5'50.002"N, 14°25'29.86"E.
  • Building location: map mapa here>.

5. Services

  • Furnishing archival documents: depends on the location of the documents.
  • Necessity to order in advance: yes.
  • Formula for download: see here>.
  • Study outfitting: 10 places for studying archival materials in document sizes or 4 places to study material in blueprint sizes; computer, electrical outlets for laptops, personal reproduction devices permitted (permission granted on the basis of the character and condition of the material, at the discretion of the archive staff).
  • Reproduction services: electrographic reproduction (while you wait or by advance order, depending on the number of copies), digital reproduction (not done by Archive staff, schedule set by the company that specializes in this service).
  • Public areas: The study is located on the third floor. Accessibility for the handicapped is difficult; this will be fully available only after the reconstruction the entire National Technical Museum main building. There is public parking in front of the NTM building. On special request, it is possible to obtain copies of the latest printing of A NTM.

6. Accreditation and relationships

  • Accreditation: according to the law.
  • Date of accreditation: December 2nd, 2008.
  • Date accreditation took effect: January 5th, 2009.
  • Organizer: National Technical Museum.
  • Attendant oversight agency: National Archive.
  • Controlled by: National Archive.
  • Annual summary sent to: National Archive.
  • Sends NAD of secondary evidence to: National Archive.