Profile of the library's tomes

The National Technical Museum library's fund is focused primarily on history of Czech science and technology, in both European and world context, and contains around 200,000 volumes.

The character of the fund is formed by technical, industrial, craft, natural sciences, exact sciences and farming. It contains technical professions like mining, metallurgy, machining, rail and road transportation, aeronautics, electrotechnics, architecture and construction; sciences like astronomy, physics, mathematics, geology and chemistry; from economics, those fields that help study the development of farming. Some technical works, for instance those dealing with architecture, construction and design branch off in artistic directions, which the library does not track systematically.

A significant part of the NTM library fund is its historical fund, taken from library of the Unit for propagation of industry in Bohemia and the library of the association of architects and engineers. Both of these significant libraries contain many unique historical sources. Among the 'family silver' are complete series of magazines dealing with the development of crafts and early industrial entrepreneurism in Bohemia.