závěsné svítidlo, design Stanislav Libenský, 1975, výr. n.p. Železnobrodské sklo, 1976-78

This collection now includes over 300 inventory numbers and is apparently the Czech Republic’s largest museum collection of industrially manufactured interior lights of all basic types that originated in the territory of what is now the CR. An important part of the collection consists of lights of the 1920s and 30s, many of which are functionalist table and wall lamps from the early 1930s designed by Franta Anýže, Leonard Beitler and others, and lights produced by the Czechoslovak cooperatives Napako, Drupol, Drukov during the 1950s – 1970s. Especially valuable are the prototypes and rare functioning models of lights from the legacy of the Napako’s designer Josef Hůrka. The period following 1989 is represented by samples from the production of Czech companies in recent years and student designs and visions for lights that frequently won prizes in domestic and foreign competitions. The collection also features state-of-the-art foreign, mainly Italian production, including lights designed by Czech designer Otakar Diblík when he was employed in the Bonetto designer studio.

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