On 28th June 2018 the special "Prezidental train" starts its unique journey in Cezch Republic and Slovakia Republic. National Techincal Museum prepared this exceptional train project in cooperation with České dráhy Národní dopravce and Železnice Slovenské Republiky. The train shall consist of train coaches that were serving as transport coaches for several Czechoslovakia Presidents during the history of the State. With this project, National Technical Museum and České dráhy join the celebration of 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia Republic.

We are currently preparing exhibition called Made in Czechoslovakia – the industry that ruled the world. With this exhibition we would like to introduce to our visitors technical and industrial development of Czechoslovakia state during its period of existence from 1918 to 1992. Within this exhibition we will display representative sample of collection exhibits, which shall tell our visitors about important Czechoslovakia companies as well as about important individuals of Czechoslovakia technique and industry. This exhibition is part of celebration given in occasion of 100th anniversary of foundation of Czechoslovakia. You may also visit to get information about other interesting projects.

Exhibition "Legendary Favorit," tells the story of bicycle brand Favorit. This bicycle brand was produced in Rokycany factory between the 50s and the 90s. These bicycles were suitable for common users as well as for professionals sportspersons. There are 60 bicycles displayed in our exhibition. The popular, the unreachable, the common and also several special racing types. Visitors may also see the bicycle of  Jiří Daler - Tokio 1964 gold medal winner. Visitors also have the opportunity to see the exciting story of  Róbert Hutyr.

This exhibition is part of the project prepared for celebration 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovakia Republic - Made in Czechoslovakia - the industry that ruled the world

The exhibition "The Magic of Bakelite" was made in cooperation of NTM with Slovakia technical museum. The exhibition shows a large number of ways how could bakelite be used. This previously one of the most used plastic material has its place in the area of electricity, industry, photography, technique and it was one of the everyday used object.

This exhibition is our first joint action within the project made as a celebration of 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czechoslovakia Republic - Made in Czechoslovakia - the industry that ruled the world

National Technical Museum opened a new temporary exhibition, prepared by David Vávra and Petr Volf called "Litomyšl  - The Czech Republic Capital City of Contemporary Architecture. This exhibition shows the town of Litomyšl as one of the most important centers of contemporary architecture and is divided into three parts: "Public Space", "Reconstruction" and "New objects" This exhibition was made in cooperation of NTM with the town of Litomyšl and with Regional Museum of Litomyšl.

On 26th April 2018 Exhibition of planned completion of water corridor Danube - Oder - Elbe was opened in National Technical Museum. At the opportunity of this opening, a new book from Josef Podzimek, Petr Forman and Tomáš Kolařík called "Completion of water corridor - Danube - Oder - Elbe" was presented.

Dear visitors, in occasion of national holidays and important anniversaries you may visit National Technical Museum for price of 50 CZK per person on several days. The reduced admission days concern Main building on Letná in Prague and during opening season also NTM - Centre of Building Heritage in Plasy and Railway depositary of NTM in Chomutov. Reduced admission does not include coal and iron mine commented tour. (commission for the tour is 50 CZK for adult and 30 CZK reduced price).

Opening Days of National Technical Museum (NTM) Railway Depositary in Chomutov in 2018 is something we can call tradition now. In 2018 Depositary shall be opened for visitors from 30st March to 28th October – Depositary shall be opened every week from Thursday to Sunday (on Monday if it is public holiday) - opening hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. Our Railway Depositary is for everyone who is interested in transportation technique, especially for everyone who is either interested in history of railway transportation or simply loves trains or both. This is a great opportunity for you to see where we store our most valuable historical railway vehicles.

Harley Davidson 90 exhibition reminds the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the oldest Harley - Davidson club in the world -
Harley -  Davidson Club Praha. The exhibition is situated in the Transportation Hall of the Museum. The exhibition was prepared by NTM and Harley Davidson Club and its members in our country. Within the exhibition, the visitors can see 14 motorcycles and also can get information about the history of the Club and its successes.

Expo 2020 in Dubaj pavilions models exposition is located on the 3rd floor of the building. Visitors may see this exhibition for all the next month.