Exhibitions in NTM

We are currently preparing exhibition called Made in Czechoslovakia – the Industry that Ruled the World. With this exhibition we would like to introduce to our visitors technical and industrial development of Czechoslovakia state during its period of existence from 1918 to 1992. Within this exhibition we will display representative sample of collection exhibits, which shall tell our visitors about important Czechoslovakia companies as well as about important individuals of Czechoslovakia technique and industry. This exhibition is part of celebration given in occasion of 100th anniversary of foundation of Czechoslovakia. You may also visit www.czechandslovakcentury.com to get information about other interesting projects.

Legendary Favorit exhibition shows the development of Favorit company from 50s to 90s of twentieth century. The company had it seat in town of Rokycany and produced bicycles that were used for professional sport activities as well as for leisure time. Within the exhibition you shall have the opportunity to see 60 displayed bicycles models. One of the most interesting and the most precious bicycle displayed is the "golden one" that used Jiří Daler when he won golden medal in Olympic games in Tokyo in 1964.

National Technical Museum opened a new temporary exhibition, prepared by David Vávra and Petr Volf called "Litomyšl  - The Czech Republic Capital City of Contemporary Architecture. This exhibition shows the town of Litomyšl as one of the most important centers of contemporary architecture and is divided into three parts: "Public Space", "Reconstruction" and "New objects" This exhibition was made in cooperation of NTM with the town of Litomyšl and with Regional Museum of Litomyšl.

Harley Davidson 90 exhibition reminds the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the oldest Harley - Davidson club in the world -
Harley -  Davidson Club Praha. The exhibition is situated in the Transportation Hall of the Museum. The exhibition was prepared by NTM and Harley Davidson Club and its members in our country. Within the exhibition, the visitors can see 14 motorcycles and also can get information about the history of the Club and its successes.