PhDr. Zdeněk Vácha
  • Archive department head
  • tel: 220 399 196
  • Processes thematic groups: chemistry, polygraphy, road transport and collections: valuable paper, pay tokens, circulars and archivalia of various provenances. Responsible for processing files of the Association of the National Technical Museum.
PhDr. Jan Hozák
  • archivist
  • Processes thematic groups: aerial transportation, electro-informational-acoustics, construction, history of technology, museology, exhibitions and collections: posters and used graphics, plaques, medals, coins and small statues.
Mgr. Romana Kmochová
  • archivist
  • tel: 220 399 208
  • Processes thematic groups: rail transportation , schools, precise sciences, national trade and collections: Czech archivalia, memoirs and manuscripts from the history of technology and industry, school lectures and scripts.
Mgr. Jaromír Patočka, Ph.D.

Mgr. Zuzana Nedbalová

PhDr. Adriana Šmejkalová