Opening Days of National Technical Museum Railway Depositary in Chomutov in 2018

Thursday, 2018, May 3 (All day) - Sunday, 2018, September 30 (All day)
Opening Days of National Technical Museum Railway Depositary in Chomutov in 2018

Opening Days of National Technical Museum (NTM) Railway Depositary in Chomutov in 2018 is something we can call tradition now. In 2018 Depositary shall be opened for visitors from 30st March to 28th October – Depositary shall be opened every week from Thursday to Sunday (on Monday if it is public holiday) - opening hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. Our Railway Depositary is for everyone who is interested in transportation technique, especially for everyone who is either interested in history of railway transportation or simply loves trains or both. This is a great opportunity for you to see where we store our most valuable historical railway vehicles.

NTM manages the greatest state historical collection of railway vehicles in Czech Republic. Visitors can see almost 100 railway vehicles of different types – from Steam Locomotive made in 1870 to snow plow made in 1980. There are locomotives made by ČSD, salon, personal and motor vehicles, electrical and motor locomotives and also vehicles which have operated their regular routes recently and then became part of depositary in order to preserve as exhibits of NTM.

Greatest exhibits you shouldn’t miss are locomotives with express train “Albatros” 489.106, which is the record maker since in 1964 this train made a speed record of 162 Km/h and this record hasn’t been bested yet. First Czechoslovakia locomotive built after Second World War (on 22nd December 1945) 534.0301 made by Škoda also deserves admiration. It is good to mention also steam tram-locomotive “Gartenou” made in Linc in 1887. Very important and interesting is also salon wagon made by F. Ringhofer factory in Smíchov in Prague in 1900 or salon wagon made by Kopřivnice in 1906 for Baron Adolph Rothschild.

NTM Railway Depositary is situated in close neighbourhood of Czech Railways (České dráhy) depositary in Chomutov. To enter is possible only via marked way from ulice Černovická from parking of shoping centre Globus. (Karlovy Vary direction). Map is included below.


PRICE LIST (plné znění ceníku zde)

      Full prize

     110 Kč 


      70 Kč


    270 Kč

      School Groups with Teacher

      50 Kč


NTM Railway Depositary is opened from 30th March – 28st October 2018:

Thursday – Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00

Depositary is also opened on Monday (if it is a public holiday):

2. 4. 2018 - Eastern Monday

GPS 50.456744, 13.391115

NTM Railway depositary opening is managed by NTM in co-operation with Chomutov town, Czech Railways, and with Czech Republic Ministry of Culture.