Made in Czechoslovakia - the industry that ruled the world

Made in Czechoslovakia - the industry that ruled the world

We are currently preparing exhibition called Made in Czechoslovakia – the industry that ruled the world. With this exhibition we would like to introduce to our visitors technical and industrial development of Czechoslovakia state during its period of existence from 1918 to 1992. Within this exhibition we will display representative sample of collection exhibits, which shall tell our visitors about important Czechoslovakia companies as well as about important individuals of Czechoslovakia technique and industry. This exhibition is part of celebration given in occasion of 100th anniversary of foundation of Czechoslovakia. You may also visit to get information about other interesting projects.


…the industry that ruled the world

The exhibition will be based on a presentation of chosen topics – companies, products, individuals and other phenomena of Czechoslovakia industrial and technical development in an era from 1918 – 1992. We do not focus on presenting development in a chronological way; we rather want to point out separated milestones, and using these milestones we want to describe a history of Czechoslovakia industry.

We want to present successes as well as failures of Czechoslovakia industry. We do not want to display only top quality and best products – usually exported to abroad – but also products that could not compare with the best, but were also produced and in many cases become part of everyday life. Most of the exhibits that will be presented are originals from NTM collection.

Very important part of our exhibition will be audio-visual presentations.


We are opening this exhibition in autumn 2018


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